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Dahling Australian Terriers 

Puppy/Dog Questionaire 

Have you ever owned an Australian Terrier before?:
Are you looking for a:
Are you interested in a male or female:
Is anyone home during the day?:
Will there be someone available to feed and exercise the puppy/dog daily?:
Do you have any other animals?:
If you have other dogs, Spayed/Neutered?:
Have you ever returned a pet to a Breeder, rescue, or given a pet away?:
Do you have any children?:
Do you have a fenced yard or suitable pen?:
Do you understand that Australian Terriers can be difficult to housebreak? (It can take up to a YEAR to fully housebreak an Australian Terrier, some can be easy and will be housebroken within 6 months, the majority can take up to a year. Sex of the puppy is NOT a factor in this area:
If buying a pet, the puppy/dog MUST be spayed/neutered no earlier than 18 months of age and no later than 2 years of age (due to growth plates). Proof from your veterinarian will need to be provided. This is part of the contract. Do you understand and accept this condition?:
If purchasing a puppy/dog I do NOT SHIP at this time. You will have to pick up the puppy/dog from my house (Kennesaw, Georgia). Do you understand and accept this condition?:

Thanks for submitting!

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